Total & HDL Cholesterol Testing

A decade ago, cholesterol was an unfamiliar term outside of the medical profession. Today, most health-conscious people know that a high blood cholesterol level is unhealthy, but as the role of cholesterol is a complex issue, many have questions.

What is Cholesterol?

Cholesterol, a waxy fat like chemical, is an essential component of certain hormones, body structures, and digestive acids. The amount of cholesterol required to perform these bodily functions is manufactured internally by the liver. Too much cholesterol can lead to coronary heart disease as cholesterol deposits line the arteries.

HDL is 'good cholesterol' because it removes cholesterol from blood circulation, actually decreasing the risk. Therefore, it is essential to know both levels of cholesterol in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Here at Pierremont Pharmacy we offer Total and HDL Cholesterol testing.

Please come in and see us to make an appointment or ask any questions you may have about this service.

Price: £9.99

Alternatively, you may want to choose our Full Lifestyle Assessment service which includes Total & HDL Cholesterol testing.

All services take place in one of our Private Consultation Rooms.


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